I must need a goal…

Long range running goals aren’t really an option for me now, but they will be in about 4-5 months. Which means I’m allowing myself to dream about what kind of mission I want to tackle next. I’m kind of done obsessesing about qualifying for Boston. I think it’s amazing if you do it, and I wouldn’t hate it if it happened, but it’s not all-consuming in my head right now either. I am, however, craving some adventure. So here’s what I’m thinking

1. Work on shorter distance racing. I really am better at the 5-8k distances and although they hurt like whoa, I’m pretty good at them. Pretty good being relative. I mean, my age-graded scores are much higher here. So I could work on getting fast on the short stuff. It’s still hard to do.

2. Run another marathon and try to PR. I’m not done with the marathon. I don’t think. I still dream about it on long runs but each time I run longer than 15 miles I think, really? This? Then again, Eugene would work perfectly next year and it’s a glorious time of year to train for a marathon around here. Not hot, sometimes rainy, but not hot. And it’s a great course and I have family in Eugene.

3. An ultra marathon. Although I haven’t talked about it much on here, I’m kind of good and kind of love trail running. I live 25 miles from the Western States trail adn tons of beautiful trail runs and there’s really no reason I shouldn’t be able to train for and run a decent 50k. But do I really want to run for 30 miles? Seems kinda nuts. But also fun. But also nuts. But then again, fun.

4. Do what I did two years ago and train the heck out of a March and May half-marathon and save my fire for CIM in December. It worked well last time, I heart that marathon because it’s essentially in my backyard (the finish is seriously a mile away) and it would be fun. But then again I’ve run that marathon twice and it could be boring. Not that a marathon is boring because it isn’t.

So that’s what I’m thinking. I’m going to train hard through the next 5 months (if my stupid Garmin EVER COMES. DELAYED AGAIN. UGH) so I’m in shape to tackle whatever I choose. And I’m going to keep doing yoga– I haven’t even had to use my foam roller since I started. And that’s saying something–  used to have to roll 2-3 times per day. Plus, it’s fun.

In the meantime I’m doing a trail race in August and maybe a 5k in two weeks. MAYBE the 5k in two weeks. No guarantees, I could chicken out 🙂


5 responses to “I must need a goal…

  1. Ooooh those all look kinda good. I say throw them all in a hat and pick!

  2. which trail race are you running? I too want to run longer trail races….I have that bug but it’s scary!! I wouldnt say i’m good though-just stubborn!

  3. Ashley Drummond

    You would do a fantastic job at any of those options Amy! You have amazing dedication and talent! I also thought the half Ironman idea would be right up your alley; I can see you excelling in tri for sure

  4. Hi Amy, I think you’d do fantastic at whatever you choose. It’s errie…Your long range plans sound so much like my long range plans. Haha! So I’m thinking you ought to enter that 5K and crush it!

  5. You have lots of choices!

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