Morning Routine

I’ve kind of been at a loss about what to blog about. I mean how many times can you write, “I went running. It was fun. It was in the morning and it was hot.” That’s not very exciting. So I asked Lam what to write about and he suggested I detail my morning routine. As I’ve mentioned many times I run before work. I HATE running at night- it’s just not a good time to me. Sooooo… here’s my morning routine:

5:30- alarm goes off, I hit snooze.
5:40- stumble to the kitchen and drink a cup of coffee… if I’m doing intervals or a tempo run I have a piece of toast with PBJ on top. If an easy run less than 9 miles, just the coffee
5:50- put on clothes, garmin, shoes and ipod and head out the door. I don’t lay everything out the night before but I keep it all together so I just grab whatever’s close. That said, I do have outfits I wear for easy runs and others for faster and long runs. I don’t know why, but some clothes make me feel faster than others. I know, I’m weird.
7ish- return home, drink more coffee, shower
8ish- have a second breakfast at the office, 90% of the time it’s oatmeal
10:30- snack time!

This seems to work pretty well for me. I don’t need to eat if it’s less than 9 miles and just an easy run. The caffeine is enough to sustain me and I read somewhere that running on an empty stomach helps speed your body’s ability to use fat for glycogen (probably totally messing this up) if it doesn’t have anything in the tank. I do find that if I get up super early (like 5am or before) that I’m pretty hungry all day. I just try and take healthy snacks to work so I don’t end up eating Goldfish and animal cookies all day. However, if I wake up starving I will eat something. I don’t usually eat dinner until 8 or 9pm and sometimes I just eat happy hour food (don’t judge, I work 80 hours a week and sometimes you just do what you have to do) so there are mornings I wake up starving.

In other news, I bought the Garmin 110 and it FINALLY arrived after a month of backorder drama. I’ll review it soon but the short of the long of it is that I’m enjoying it. And enjoying having the feedback about my pace. I was being all dramatic about being slow but as it turns out, I’m not. Like, not at all. Everything’s fine. I’m not necessarily getting faster but I’m not slower either. So that’s good.

It was so hot this morning. I sweat out 3 lbs in 8 miles. WITH TWO WATER STOPS. Oy.


4 responses to “Morning Routine

  1. Sounds like a great daily routine! And 3 lbs sweat loss, wow it MUST be hot there! Will be anxious to hear about the 110!!

  2. That is a lot of sweat! But I can relate, lately mine has been 2-3 lbs, too!
    I don’t eat or drink anything at that hour if I get up to run. But if I go later in the morning or afternoon, I def need something in me! Nice job on the speed girlie!

  3. You have such a good morning routine, Amy! It was most helpful to this runner who’s trying to transition from night runner to early morning runner. Thanks!

  4. Looks similar to my morning routine when I had a desk job, except you must get ready quickly or have a short commute!

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