20 Mile Day

It’s so hot here in Northern California. It was well over 100 degrees today and yesterday which means a few things generally but one specifically: RUN EARLY! I started both my runs prior to the 7am hour and finished both of them feeling completely wrung out and dehydrated. The good news is that this is as bad as it will ever be and apparently heat is similar to altitude training so it’s good for me. Or something. Mostly though, yuck.

Today I woke up early and ran 12 miles with my cute teammates. Although it was approximately 10,000 degrees outside and we weren’t exactly loving that, it was fun to see everyone and fun to share the suffering with friends. If you’re going to run in hot hot hot weather, you may as well do it with people you like.

After that I had plans to meet up with a friend for a hike in Cool, CA. I wanted to check out the trails so I’d feel confident running out there alone from time to time (survey says no trail running alone… too remote and too dangerous) and also investigate the terrain for a future trail race. For a variety of reasons we didn’t hit the trails until the hottest part of the day… about 3pm. And after my 12 mile run, the 8 mile hike darn near did me in. I was so thirsty, didn’t bring quite enough water and discovered that while still really fun, the hike wasn’t super scenic.

So I’ve ended the weekend with some epically bad tan lines (although I kind of love bad tan lines– evidence you’re out there doing something, you know?), 2 beers and a cookie. After 20 miles of activity today, I’ve earned it. This week should be a bit of a down week in preparation for Saturday’s race (I KNOW. I’m racing. YIKES). I’m going to try and honor the mini taper and hope for the best on Saturday. It’s been awhile since I’ve really given my all in a race and I’m going to try my best to really commit to running strong the whole way through. No bailing mentally or physically. Just strong throughout.


4 responses to “20 Mile Day

  1. Nice going despite the heat there – shame you didn’t really find any inspiring trails but there must be so many near you – keep looking. Good luck tapering – stay strong in your head as well as your body!

  2. Nice job! I ended my long weekend of running with a cold beer, too!
    What race you running? Good luck!!!

  3. This weather sucks!!!! Great job pushing thru and running in the heat!!!

  4. Photographic evidence of said tan lines?

    Ooh, we’re both racing on Saturday…although I’m probably not as committed to my race as you are in yours. It’ll depend on the weather mostly. Good luck, run your heart out!

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