Easy Runs and a super stream of consciousness post

I don’t normally wear my garmin on easy runs but since I got my precious little buddy back I wear it all the time! And promptly remembered why I don’t do that, ha. Seeing my slow, slow pace during easy runs is just depressing. But, I have noticed that my easy runs are progression runs every single time– each mile split is significantly faster than the one before it which I think is a good thing.

I’ve also found that wearing a heart rate monitor is really helpful for easy runs. I don’t use it on long or tempos (yet) but it’s been keeping me accountable to run slowly and burn the fat rather than charge through every run.

I also received some depressing news in yoga… I was complaining that I can’t get into a few poses very deeply and that my hamstrings are perpetually crazy tight and I was informed that “as a runner you’ll probably never get there. Not physiologically possible.” I’d rather be a runner who does yoga than someone that just does yoga so that’s fine but it’s pretty amazing that running beats you up that much! But I also thought it was cool the teacher figured out I was a runner before I ever said a word. That’s a win!

I also ran decent track workout yesterday. We had 14×200 scheduled and I wasn’t as tragically slow as I expected. First, I’d had a couple of glasses of wine the night before (work happy hour…) and secondly, it was windy. Also, I felt terrible during my warmup. But eventually my legs found themselves and I actually completed the entire workout with my last repeat my fastest (47) and all of them within 1 second of one another. I was excited that my splits weren’t particularly tragic but also need to keep in mind that this particular workout really plays to my strengths. Playing to your strengths is good, but not necessarily a good indicator of where my fitness is.

I still intend to race on Saturday though I haven’t signed up.


3 responses to “Easy Runs and a super stream of consciousness post

  1. i still cringe when i see 14 before anything at the track. nice job! the wind has been rough at the track for me lately. race race race race 🙂

  2. I too am loving having my Garmin back. Good luck this weekend!

  3. 14! Ugh. But then you *love* that sort of thing don’t you? Carry on – you’re doing great.

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