Lessons from Limbo

Lam just tweeted and asked if I’m still in limbo with training. The short of the long of it is yes. For now I am. And that’s ok. As I was scrolling through my old posts while training for CIM last year I realized I’ve learned some lessons out here in limbo. Not having a specific goal but rather a series of smaller goals has been an interesting exercise in self-discipline.

Without a large goal like a marathon or a half-marathon that scares me I’ve had to find other motivation to get out the door and keep my training at an acceptable level. Racing a 5k doesn’t scare me because I know that even if I don’t PR I could finish it no matter what. Same with a 10k and to a lesser extent, a half. The marathon scares me. A half where I want to PR scares me. So what’s been getting me out the door?

1. My friends. My friends who run are all faster than me. I’m not sandbagging, it’s just true. If I want to keep up with them on long runs or even workouts I need to do speed work. I can’t get lazy or I won’t be able to run with them and that would be really sad.

2. Having a plan written for each month. Our team sends out a month’s schedule that is very easy to follow and includes a nice mix of workouts. So even if I don’t have a goal that’s months away, I still have structure.

3. Accountability. My coach checks in each week. I have to tell him how many miles I ran, which workouts I completed and how fast, how I felt, what kind ofc cross training I did and when my next race is. He’s extremely encouraging and very nice but also doesn’t hesitate to tell you to “get out there and get it done.”

4. Knowing that I do want to run another marathon and to run it well someday keeps me going. If I slip too much I’m going to have to build more during training and I’d rather start at a high level and improve rather than try to get to a place I’ve already been (if that makes any sense).

5. Personal pride. I know what it took for me to get where I am. I’m not the fastest runner out there, but I’m also not the slowest. I remember the early mornings, painful workouts, skipped dessert and glasses of wine and I don’t want all that sacrifice to go to waste. I worked too hard and for too long to let it slip.

So that’s what’s been getting me out there. What gets you out there?


3 responses to “Lessons from Limbo

  1. Hi Amy…I found this great article from Running Times that I think epitomizes your attitude right now. Link: http://www.runningtimes.com/Article.aspx?ArticleID=19997

    You get no objections from me. Keep up the great work! May you get faster and faster still!

  2. I’m in limbo too, but I really just like how I feel after I run and I know I’ll miss it if I don’t go do it.

  3. I’m in limbo right now and kind of enjoying it but would you consider sharing your team’s monthly workouts? It sounds kind of interesting.

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