Back at it

Lately I’ve been feeling a little slacker-y when it comes to running. Sure, I’m still getting in a ton of miles and racing and attempting track workouts but with the exception of the races (especially the trail race) my heart hasn’t been in running. It’s more like something to check off of my daily to do list than a release or a love. Like I blogged about, I’ve been working on finding joy in the run, but I’ve had to try.

I think, though, with fall race season upon us, that my mojo might be back. This morning I had a perfectly lovely 15 mile long run that I negative split in a big way and felt fine the entire time. I ran at my mom’s house and there’s something about running there that always leads to great runs. I think it’s the perfect combination of familiar and different and I love running on the rolling hills. Seriously, I love  me a rolling hill or two.

In fact, the amount I’ve been out of town lately has allowed me to run on some hills quite a bit. I’m hoping that’s strengthening my legs and muscles and will come in handy. Because I’m sure enjoying it.

While I’m always sad to see summer end because I love the heat (yes, I’m a weirdo. My perfect temp is 95), BBQs, being tan, long days, fresh produce and the freedom of summer, I’m looking forward to the structure of fall. I feel like each late August and early September is an opportunity to hit the reset button. To regroup, make new goals and to reaffirm my commitments in all areas of my life.

While I’ve done a great job holding constant with my running this year, a PR has been ellusive. And I’m done with that. Why am I working so hard and spending so much time on the trails and roads if I’m not going to make it worth? So, hopefully I’ll get in some races this fall that are going to allow me to set some new PRs. And that starts this week… yikes!!!

In order to reach my goals I’m also reaffirming my commitment to eat a few more veggies, drink a few less glasses of wine/beer, stay away from hte office snack cupboard (seriously our snack cupboard is a thing of beauty and destruction) and make it happen. Because I know what I need to do, how to do it and when. I just need to put all my own advice and knowledge into action.

And I’m excited. I’m ready. Let’s get it.


4 responses to “Back at it

  1. Seriously, no PR for you so far? That’s a travesty with how well you’ve been running. Get it done! I’m excited for you 🙂

  2. You’ll have a PR this fall I know it! You gonna run Healdsburg with us????

  3. It’s hard to PR in the summer. What’s first on the Fall agenda?

  4. Let’s get to it. Let’s see some action- I’m sure you’re totally ready for it.

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