I know. I haven’t blogged in ages. Sorry. I know I constantly complain that life is busy, but it really is. I have had zero time to do “extras” on the computer and if it’s a choice between blogging about, or actually going, running. I’m going to run. So, sorry!

The good news is that running has been going well! I ran 60 miles last week and 58 this week including a 17-mile long run. I kept an encouraging pace on the 17-miler and was shocked to feel no soreness this morning. Plus, it helped me justify the cake and beer I keep finding in front of me…

I’ve just been out there getting it done. Very little fanfare, very little worth noting but solid and steady. I was feeling really awful (sore feet, achy IT bands) but I got new shoes and immediately felt better. In fact, getting new shoes allowed me to run about 20 secs/mile faster… funny how that happens 🙂 The bummer is that with running so much I have to get new shoes every 8 weeks which is really not cheap. But cheaper than physical therapy… Or regular therapy for that matter.

I’ve been surprised by how good I feel lately- I’m obviously tired and there are days my pace reflects that but I can still turn it on if I need to. I’ve been hesitant to race lately and I’m not sure why. I think it’s because I’m afraid to fail. Like somehow if I go out there and run “slowly’ that it’s a reflection on me as a whole. Which is insane because it’s not like I’m going to win or something. But I’m still freaked out at the prospect of running a slow time so I’ve been backing out of races left and right. Lame!

I am, however, signed up for my most favorite half in a couple of weeks and barring any work emergencies I’m going to get out there and do it. Should be really fun.

So that’s it from here. Boring, I know.


3 responses to “Sorry…

  1. My shoes seem to completely fall apart before 350 miles and then my body falls apart, so I hear ya on replacing them often. I don’t know how other people wear them for so long!

  2. Just glad to hear things are going pretty well. The weekly mileage sounds great! Hope you are able to run the half *no work interferences!*

  3. So happy to hear all is well!! Your mileage looks great, and I hope you have a FABULOUS half here soon!!

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