I’m back!

Wow, I haven’t blogged in awhile. Let’s see… life is on its way back to normal. Or at least normal for me and I’m on vacation and taking some time to try and relax. Which means I’ve been running a lot, taking lots of day trips and just getting things done that I’ve basically neglected for a year. Which is a good thing.

Normally I am a person who schedules their day in 15-minute increments. And I’m not kidding. Even my runs are usually broken out into various workouts and very scheduled. But in the spirit of being unscheduled I’ve decided to give myself a break and just run to run. I’m enjoying the freedom and interestingly my body feels really, really good. I find my easy runs getting faster and faster and while my legs are tired from time to time, mostly they feel really good.

I was looking back on the last two years and realized that I’ve been doing 1-2 hard workouts per week, for the most part, for two years without a significant break. No wonder I feel exhausted and a little burned out!! I’ve made great gains and worked very, very hard and had a lot of fun but this break has been good. I’ve been reminded what it feels like just to run because I can. To enjoy the fall sunshine and the sound of the leaves under my feet and to explore my own neighborhood on foot without any pressure.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here lately– highs in the mid 60s and 70s with lows in the 40s. Just perfect. And, for the last 4 months I think I was able to do maybe one run in the daylight so getting to see the trees, the river and where I’m going feels like a treat.

I think I might have the urge to train for and run another marathon. And to do it right. I have a few things to iron out before I make any decisions but I’m leaning toward training for the Eugene Marathon in May and trying to qualify forย  Boston. I’m not in particularly great shape right now but I’ve been blessed with a pretty responsive body and good base mileage so I think I could whip myself back into shape fairly quickly.

Not much else going on. I’ll leave you with some non-running related photos of the fun I’ve been having lately ๐Ÿ™‚


2 responses to “I’m back!

  1. YAY so glad you are back ๐Ÿ™‚ running just to run is always a good thing and especially after all your hard training and your crazy year!

  2. Yayyy I missed your posts ๐Ÿ™‚

    Running just to run is nice! Also cutting back on mileage + doing more cross-training is nice. I’m definitely basking in that place right now.

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