Turkey Trot Non-Race Race

Like I said a few days ago Aron talked me into racing a 5k today. Only she didn’t. I woke up in the mood to go for a jog, not to push myself so hard that I might throw up. So I threw the notion of a “race” out the door and decided to join a few thousand people for a lovely little jog through Davis. We both ran the Ten K <broke the zero on my keyboard, I’m not that formal> last year so it was a fun repeat.

I woke up early-ish, around 6:45 and did my normal pre race thing of toast and coffee and noticed it was about 37 degrees, windy and rainy outside. Oy. So I put on full length tights, my smartwool tshirt, a long sleeved shirt and a fleece. And threw uggs and two totally dry outfits in the car. Plus shorts. I mean, a person has to be prepared. You don’t bring every conceivable combination of clothing to races? Whatever!

I got to the race about an hour early, parked one car from Aron and decided I’d be too hot in tights. So I put on shorts. Good call. Found Aron, wandered around in the icy rain for a bit and contemplated staying in my warm car until she finished racing. I sucked it up, took off my fleece and we headed out for a couple of warm up miles.

We got to the starting line no less than one minute before the gun went off and I let Aron run away. I started really conservatively and thought it might be nice, and slightly mean, to slowly pick it up the entire way and pass people the entire last mile. Mean, I know. The course is perfectly nice- mostly on a bike trail that winds through the edge of town and ends up in downtown Davis. It’s nothing special but it’s windy enough to not be boring and when you’re just jogging, who cares!

I got hot after a mile and took off my long sleeves. I felt funny pulling over in a “race” but eh, who cares! Running in the middle of the pack is a fun experience. I don’t mean to sounds, “OMG I am sooooo fast” because there are a million people faster than me but I’ve gotten to the point where racing is an intense and serious business for me. Jogging at the back of the pack was a lot more relaxed. Now, all my competitive juices didn’t go away because I kept thinking, “um, hi. All you people? I could kick your asses if I wanted. Seriously, I could.” I know, mean.

It’s rare I don’t care about my time so I used the chance to practice running the tangents of a race course and to just enjoy being out with a few people. A few songs and not many minutes later and I was done! I think I finished in an absolutely BLISTERING 9:02 pace but I felt fine and I was ready to eat! Unlike a lot of people I really don’t mind running the rain and would way rather be cold than hot during a race.

After I threw on my tights and as many layers as I could find in my car and ate breakfast with the lovely Aron. We talked about running and boys <well, she’s married to the awesome Chris, so I talked about boys, ha!> So fun to see her and a fun tradition to keep going! I’ll leave you with a photo of our rain soaked selves! And yes, I know it’s sideways and no, I don’t know how to fix it!

I mean, you wish you were this fashionable.


2 responses to “Turkey Trot Non-Race Race

  1. sounds like a fun run! and it’s soooooooooooo not mean to be wanting to pick people off at the end. i do that too. there’s something so satisfying about doing so hahah

    p.s. you could have written 10 as a one then the letter o 😉

  2. Wow miserable weather! It’s so hard to slow down when you’re competitive–nice job keeping the pace.

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