I did it!

This morning I got up and got back on the training horse. It wasn’t pretty, but I did it. I actually tried to start on Tuesday but my body was just NOT HAVING it. And it wasn’t me being a wimp, my body actually started freaking out! So I called it and ran easy. This morning, however, I got out there and got ‘er done.

I decided to run 2 miles of warm up with 4 miles of 1 min easy followed by 1 min hard, 2 miles easy. And I did it! And I was about the speed I was before I started wimping out. Granted, it felt harder, but it wasn’t a complete disaster.

I kept waiting to start speed work on a day where I “felt good” and “ready to go.” I then realized that day will never come. The whole point of working hard is that it’s difficult to do and it’s always going to hurt. It’ll never feel easy or good or be something super fun. Yes, it feels good to complete and yeah, I feel so proud of myself and good that I pulled it off this morning but it did hurt quite a bit while I was out there. But I’m happy I did it at all.

Maybe next week I’ll feel good enough to do an actual track workout or tempo run. Maybe… Today was a big confidence booster though, I remember how to work hard!


2 responses to “I did it!

  1. yay for speedwork! i love it and i always feel so great after. glad that it was a good confidence building workout

  2. Great job girl! I need to quit being a wussy and man up and start pushing myself. I like the workout you did…seems a lot less scary than run 4 miles at LT!

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