When it’s not shiny and new…

A bunch of my friends are running the CA International Marathon this year. I’m not. I actually can’t believe it’s been 3 years since I toed that starting line for the first time. I mean, that’s as long as I was in college. A lot has changed for me in those years but a lot is still the same, too.

I’m glad that running is still a large part of my life and that I still love it. But, I think like with any relationship, I’m a bit out of the honeymoon phase. There’s not a lot of new information for me out there, not a lot of things that are “new” or shiny or special. Instead of being this new, sexy, romantic thing… running is more like a best friend that now has some history, commitment and understanding. Instead of the unknown, I have a lot of knowledge. Instead of fear of the new, I have fear of the what I know will come. And I know I’m in it for the long haul. If that makes sense.

Like any relationship things can get a bit stale if you don’t shake them up a bit. And I think that’s partially what’s going on with me. How many times can you run 6×800 repeats at the same track followed by a cool down without getting bored? Or run the same easy 6-mile route you always have? Or enter the same 5ks year after year after year.

So I think I need to romance my running a bit. Woo it. Show it a bit of love. I don’t think I necessarily want to change up my approach to training. 2 years of 50+ mile weeks, lots of PRs and races without injury is enough to make me think what I’m doing is probably working. But I do think I need to woo running with a little more push. Instead of aiming for paces I know I’ve hit in the past I think I need to set a goal that’s a little out of reach and just go for it.

When I ran my half-marathon PR two years ago <side note- um, yuck. 2 years ago? That should be motivation enough!> The goal I set was audacious. It was a 10-minute PR. And a time that scared me straight into a fairly regimented training schedule and caused me to push myself each and every time my schedule called for a quality workout. So I need to get back there again. Set an audacious goal, be vocal and train the hell out of it.

Most importantly, and I believe this is also true of relationships, you have to want it. If you don’t want to spice up your relationship with someone, it will die. You won’t spend the time, put out the effort, etc. I need to want this PR again. So I’m saying it here and I’m saying it now… I will PR by 5 minutes at the Shamrockin’ Half Marathon in March. Yep, I’m going to run 1:45. It’s enough to scare me but I’m in a place where I can take the pressure.

We have 16 weeks. Let’s get to work.


One response to “When it’s not shiny and new…

  1. I hear you on the relationship with running stuff.
    Very exciting goal! Go for it!

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