I did a tempo run, and I liked it!

Yeah, you read right. Stop the presses. I did a tempo run and I enjoyed it. And felt good doing it. Amazing. I hate tempo runs!

I was feeling inspired after Sunday’s marathon and commiting myself to the Shamrockin’ half marathon so I decided to attempt 2 x 2 miles at the pace I hope to run the half. I’ve been feeling kind of yucky in the IT band lately but it’s not bad when I run, so what the heck.

Warmed up, felt surprisingly good and started my tempo session. I couldn’t keep myself at half marathon pace and my first mile came in at exactly 8 mins. Ooops! I tried to rein myself in and run more like 8:1O but it just wasn’t happening! Second mile came in at just over 8 mins, maybe 8:O2 and my 3rd and 4th miles were both sub-8 mins. Needless to say… I was really surprised. Now, that tempo run is NOTHING for me to write home about and I certainly have done that workout faster, but I’m happy with the effort I put out there today.

I cooled down for 3 miles and just enjoyed myself. Today was the first time running a tough workout actually felt fun. I was a sweaty, disgusting mess when I got home [sorry to my east coast friends… I had to lose my shirt half way through because it was really warm and the long sleeves were killing me!] but it was the good kind of mess. The kind where you know you put some good effort out and put solid training in the bank. It was a gorgeous, warm day- one that reminded me why on earth we do this!

On Thursday I’m thinking I’ll do another fartlek workout. Maybe one a bit harder. Hold your horses people! I’M BACK!


4 responses to “I did a tempo run, and I liked it!

  1. good for you for enjoying a tempo run 😉 sounds like it was a really really great day to get out there and go

  2. sounds like the tempo went well! i am learning (these past few weeks) that my tempo pace in the dark/evenings is wayyy slower than if i can do it on the weekend (in daylight). kind of disappointing, but then again it’s kind of a nice excuse for myself if my pace is off 🙂 hope the fartlek went well, if you decided to go for it!

  3. Glad you felt good and awesome tempo workout girl!

  4. I actually love the 2 x 2 at goal pace workout. Great job!

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