I said brrrr, it’s cold in here…

I’m in DC this week messing around, seeing friends and enduring 19-degree weather. FYI if you’re a Californian that’s really, really cold. Like, really cold. It was BELOW ZERO with wind chill when I got off the plane. I don’t even know what to do about that.

So running around here means dodging traffic, wearing a ton of layers and gloves and a hat and hoping my cheeks don’t freeze off. It’s pretty fun running down the National Mall, around monuments an through Georgetown but oy, so so cold!

I haven’t done any kind of speed work because I’m afraid I’ll hit an ice patch and go flying but I’m getting my miles in. It was also nice running today and getting admiration of the locals. Makes me feel like less of a precious Californian. Even though I am. And that’s A-OK with me!

Running somewhere new always feels fresh and it’s a great way to explore the city, but it also makes you appreciate home and the familiarity of my routes there.

I’ll try and take some photos on my run but I’m discovering that iphone + gloves = you drop it a LOT so no promises!

Hanging out in front of the Capitol


One response to “I said brrrr, it’s cold in here…

  1. i’m from new england and that’s still pretty cold to me too! in fact, i’m sitting in my apartment trying to motivate myself outside in said temps 😉

    and i LOVE exploring cities while running. i make sure that i always pack my running shoes when traveling. no matter where i go

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