Just some pre-Eugene training thoughts

So I’ve committed to the Eugene Marathon. May 1. 17 weeks from Sunday. I’m pretty excited about it and feel pretty confident in my ability to do well. My brothers and dad live in Eugene, a couple of really sweet girls I adore are also doing the race and it’s a lovely course.

Unlike the last marathon I ran I don’t think I’m going to set an intense time goal until I’m about halfway through my cycle. Last time I was waaaaaat too focused on what was really an arbitrary time that was a bit out of my reach anyway and I ended up dissapointed despite PRing by an HOUR. Now, I’m not going to PR by an hour again but I do think I can PR. And maybe even by as much as 12 minutes. But we’ll see.

I’ve grown a lot as a runner in the 18 months since I ran CIM. I haven’t learned anything huge but I know my body well, how to recover, tricks to keeping my head in the game, etc. I also know that if I don’t meet my goal that the sun is still going to come up and everything will be just fine.

Now, just because I’ve relaxed a bit doesn’t mean I’m not going to train my booty off. I think my mileage will average in the 5O-7O mile range most weeks with a fair amount of good sized long runs. I’m also going to faithfully complete track workouts, fartleks, medium long runs and tempo runs. Even though I really, really hate tempo runs. I’m also going to stay with the yoga since I think it’s really helped me with the mental side of things and the stretching is just so wonderful.

Mostly though, I want to have a good time training. I enjoyed training for the last 2 marathons I ran… sort of. I got so in the weeds and so intense about everything that I kind of forgot to enjoy the journey. This time I really want to make each run count and to have fun doing it.

So those are my ramblings at the moment. It’s all about having fun, working hard while doing it, discipline and smart training. Hopefully all that leads me to a sweet PR and some great memories.


One response to “Just some pre-Eugene training thoughts

  1. Excited to get to follow you through this training cycle! You’ll do great 🙂

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