The most perfect

I decided to kick off my new year with a nice, long run. I couldn’t think of anything more fun or appropriate to kick off my new year. After falling victim to the iPhone alarm glitch I woke up at 8:35 which is waaaaaaaay later than I normally would. But since I had nothing better to do, I putzed around the house for awhile and headed out the door somewhere around 9.

I decided to run 14 miles and switch up my route a bit. I’m getting bored with all my normal routes and driving for a long run just takes too much time. Or at least lately that’s been the case. So I headed out my door and eventually found my way near the river. First of all, the river is SO HIGH! I’m going to move my important photos and documents to the attic. And no, I’m not kidding. We have levees in worse shape than New Orleans…

Anyway, I ran by the river and through Old Town Sacramento which is a bit like running back in time. All the old storefronts, trains and “wild west” boats are still standing and while it’s a total tourist trap and kind of stupid, it’s fun to run through. I was shooting for 14 miles but felt really, really good so I ended up not turning around until the 15 mile turnaround. I ran all the way home and felt amazing when I was done.  Not sore, not tired, not achy. Just hungry!

I’ve been working a lot on running continuously with no breaks- doing little things like actively avoiding stop lights, double knotting my shoes, etc. I don’t want to stop on long runs because I don’t plan on stopping during the marathon. I was really happy that I only stopped twice in 15 miles- once for water and once for water and gu. And, I ran the last 6 completely continuously with the last mile my fastest.

In yoga we talk a lot about training the mind to focus and be present. I don’t buy everything we talk about there but one thing that has stuck is the question, “when you want to quit, is it your body or your mind?” So yesterday when I was starting to get what I thought was tired I quickly realized that I was just bored. It was my mind, not body that wanted a break. So, I gave my mind something to do and started counting ducks. Worked like a charm!

I got home and realized that long runs don’t come more perfect than that. My speed wasn’t anything to write home about but it was consistent, I felt good and reached my goal of keeping my head in the game. Hopefully most of the long runs during this cycle will be like this but heaven knows that won’t happen!


One response to “The most perfect

  1. What a nice way to start the year! My first run was great too. I wish I could avoid stoplights but it’s not really an option for me.

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