Getting there…

Resuming speed work after a few months break hasn’t been the easiest thing. Things that used to feel really easy are now somewhat difficult and it’s frustrating to work to get to where I was instead of finding myself achieving new speeds. The good news is that there is light at the end of the tunnel and I’m seeing steady improvements each week. I am by no means “there” but I’m on my way.

This morning I opted for 5 mins hard with 2 min rest/jogging four times with 2 miles warm up and cool down. So 8 miles. It was foggy and disgusting out, but I did eventually get out the door. We get this terrible bone chilling, close to the ground fog that will just freeze you out! I should probably, you know, look in to gloves and tights but I just hate winter.

Annnnyway… 5 mins hard is about a 12oo for me- maybe a little longer so it’s a good workout. The first repeat came in a 7:42 pace, the second at 7:41, the third at 7:35 and the last at 7:29. I think we’d call that a negative split. I think I could have done the overall workout harder, but I’m pretty satisfied with those splits. I haven’t run in the 7:3X range in quite some time and to me, it’s evidence that my top end speed is starting to return. Good news indeed. I think I’m also remembering the joy of suffering and how good it feels when I’m done!

Having a marathon on the schedule is absolutely helpful to getting the work done. I was NOT in the mood to run hard this morning. It was dark and cold and my bed is really warm and cozy. But… knowing there’s a bigger picture and a goal and something looming over me is enough to get me out the door.

Food Progress: To keep myself accountable I’m going to tell you how I’m doing on my goals… So far, so good! No booze since um, Saturday [what a victory since it’s… Tuesday but I digress], I’ve stayed away from the refined sugar despite a few opportunities to chow down on cookies and the like and I’m doing a good job eating balanced meals with fruits and veggies. I’m back on a normal work schedule which is helping tremendously- not working until 8pm and having the ability to go to the grocery store, etc. is massively helpful. I was going to track my calories but I don’t actually think that’s necessary. My little rules should be more than adequate to keep me on track.


4 responses to “Getting there…

  1. way to get out there and get that workout in. i had my first speed workout post-marathon today and it was HARD. but i think i’m a masochist because i’m looking forward to pushing myself to get back into shape hahh

  2. Nice job getting out there and pushing it! I have speed tomorrow, should be interesting 😉 lol

  3. nice job! I am oddly looking forward to the pain that speedworkouts bring this training cycle!

  4. I resumed speedwork in October after a huge break and it’s definitely painful to start again, but the way I feel now after a few months of doing it makes me sure that it’s necessary and worth it. Also, you’re completely correct about having a marathon on the schedule–no way would I do speedwork without a race. Nice workout!

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