Probably time for a cutback week

Well, after a wonderful first half of my training week I crashed head-on into a brick wall and died a little bit. As in, ran the slowest splits I’ve seen in two years, had a horrible long run, am considering giving up running. Ok, not really but it was bad.

I started a new job this week and while I”m super excited about it, getting back in to the office routine, running really early in the morning, dealing with the cold, etc. is kicking my butt. I hate it. Plus, new jobs are mentally and emotionally draining which means I have less heart to put into my training. That said, the routine also makes it easier to commit to training. My weeks are structured, I know what’s up, how things will go…

So this morning I did my “long run” because this weekend is no good. And it was hands down the worst long run EVER. From the beginning I felt nauseated, had tight legs and felt like I wanted to die. The entire time. I cut it off at 11 miles and called it a day. Running junk miles at a really slow pace was doing me no favors and in the long run, doesn’t matter.

I keep telling myself that this is normal. I’m adjusting to a new life, a new training schedule and a new sleep pattern. Of course this is going to affect me physically. So, for now I wait and sleep and hope that next week is better. And oh yeah, next week the mileage is going waaaaaaay down. Like from 55 to 38. Don’t let me run more than 38!


2 responses to “Probably time for a cutback week

  1. Yes, even YOU need cutback weeks once in a while Amy!
    You’re stressed out from new job so it’s appropriate. Let the mileage slip and know that it’s a good thing. You’re doing awesome 🙂

  2. A reduced mileage week is a good idea. New jobs are sooo stressful.

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