Sorry for the whole week without blogging… don’t hate me, but I was in Maui and I am now extremely tan. We didn’t do a ton… lots of snorkeling and beach time and um, eating but it was a good time. After basically ignoring my family for a year it was nice to spend an uninterrupted week with them.

Running in Hawaii was kind of tough actually. After acclimating to temps in the 4os running in the 8os with high humidity on hills was pretty hard! I intentionally planned this week to be a cut back week and aimed for no more than 4o miles. This way I wouldn’t be stressed about running tons if there was something else I wanted to do and my legs would get a break.

I ended up running just about everyday I was there and had a blast. I forgot how much I enjoy rolling hills and while it was too hot, and a couple of days too rainy, to do speed work I got some great runs in. And my legs, heart and mind feel rested and refreshed. And while I’ve given myself some pretty stringent rules about eating, I let them mostly go while on vacation. And it was just fine!

Also, major props to those of you who run in heat and humidity! It actually makes it hard to breathe- I had no idea. So thick in the air!

Below are some photos from the trip. Sadly it’s now back to reality, back to crazy training and time to get serious!

Clearly not obeying my no booze rule

Just a few post run Cheerios


2 responses to “Hawaii!

  1. Omg the background in the picture of you eating is GORGEOUS. I’m jealous 🙂 Glad to hear you got some good runs in!

  2. glad you had a great time and got to spend some quality time with the fam!

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