Weekly Wrap Up

A solid week of training. I thought I’d wrap up each week and let ya’lls know how I did with training. A little accountability and a good record of what’s up!

Miles run: 52
Long Run: 14, 12 at goal marathon pace- this was an oops btw.
Workouts 6 x 8oo, 4 miles fartlek
Feeling mentally? Really strong and happy with my progress
Yoga? 4 days of vinyasa flow
Feeling physically? Sore but not injured
Obeying the eating rules? Ummm I indulged in sugar a couple times and went a glass of wine over my limit but overall I did well. I also remembered that I can’t buy granola or I eat it constantly and it’s essentially a cookie.
Sleeping? Got lots!

I’m not sure weeks get more solid than this. I could clean up the eating a bit but I was really, really hungry this week. Like, starving. So I’ll be working on that and shooting for 55 miles including a 16-18 mile long run. YIKES. I also have 3/4 miles and a tempo run scheduled. Should be loads of fun. This week felt good though.

And about that long run? I ran with my friends and we finished the 14 miles at an 8:46 pace. Ooops. That’s pretty fast for me, especially for a long run. However, it was confidence boosting and although there may not be physical benefits, there were amazing mental benefits so I’m glad. Plus, we celebrated with breakfast! To quote one of them, “um isn’t this why we do it at all?” yes, yes it is.

Looking forward to ramping up even more this week. It’s go time!


4 responses to “Weekly Wrap Up

  1. “it’s essentially a cookie.”

    Hahahaha. YES. So true!

    I don’t buy granola anymore for this reason. I mix raw oatmeal and some raisins into my yogurt now. It’s not the same, but I can’t. put. the. granola. down. when I buy it so I just don’t!

  2. Your week sounds great. I’m very impressed with 4 days of yoga!

  3. Very solid training week! That’s awesome Amy.
    Keep up the great work =)

  4. I decided to visit the other Amys on Tall Mom’s 1000 Miles spreadsheet just for fun, so this is the first time I’m visiting your blog. It looks like you are training for a marathon too! Way to go on a great week!

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