Weekly Wrap Up 2

Another week, a lot of running again. I had another very solid week of training. All the work I’m doing is paying off and I’m feeling really good.

Thursday’s tempo run was the best in a long, long time. I ran 8 total with 3 at tempo, all of them were 7:4X and the last few miles were all half marathon goal pace. The best part is I felt fine.

My long run this week was a little rough. I’m having a hard time balancing running with my friends who are just barely faster than I am and running alone to run at my pace. I like that my LRs are slightly faster but I also think they’re beating me up a bit. Especially this week because we ran all rolling hills. I love running with them and it’s so fun but I need to consider my own training too.

Miles run: 55
Long Run: 16, 8:52 avg
Workouts 3/4 miles and a tempo run
Feeling mentally? Really strong and happy with my progress
Yoga? 4 days of vinyasa flow
Feeling physically? Sore but not injured
Obeying the eating rules? Ummm I fell off the wagon big time on the sugar. WAY too much chocolate. I had my reasons, but still. Need to do better. That said, I ate tons of veggies this week and did a really good job balancing nutrients.
Sleeping? Got lots!

This week promises more training fun and then I get to cut it back abit. Can’t wait for that!


One response to “Weekly Wrap Up 2

  1. great job this week!

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