I Choose Running.

It was a beautiful, beautiful weekend here in Sacramento. I’m sorry to tell you east coast and midwest folks this but it was 75 degrees, sunny and wonderful out. Every Feb it gets nice for a weekend and we all think winter’s over (it’s not). But it’s the perfect break from the awful, awful fog that’s socked us in for months.

My long run was kind of a mess yesterday but I finished 16 miles at a decent pace. I didn’t eat enough Friday night and I just straight up ran out of fuel. Yuck. But, the amazing weather and my friends got me through. It’s kind of hard to be in a bad mood when you’re getting a tan pre-Valentine’s day. After a giant bacon avocado omelette,  potatoes and toast I felt human. Sore, but human.

That brings us to today, Super Bowl Sunday. Normally I go to yoga on Sunday nights and just love ending my weekend with a bit of namaste. But because today is the Super Bowl (more on that in a minute) and I go to church I either had to go to yoga at 7:45 AM or not at all. And going at 7:45 meant a 5:30 AM run or a noon run.

So… I woke up and hemmed and hawed for kind of awhile. I put on my yoga clothes and drove down to the studio. I got out of my car, looked around and realized that it was way too gorgeous of a morning to spend it inside a yoga studio. Are you kidding? So I went back home and ran 11 of the happiest miles I’ve run in a long time. I didn’t mean to run that long (my initial goal was 7-8) but I was so happy to be running in the sunshine that I kept extending my run by “one more mile.”

I was ridiculous out there. It was like some kind of bad movie… I kept waving and smiling at everyone I saw and found myself singing along to my ipod at times. Which is funny because my legs actually kind of hurt but my heart was so full and happy. When faced with the choice between running and yoga, running and sleep or running and sitting on my couch, I choose running.

After my run and church it was super bowl time. I’m from the same town as Aaron Rodgers and know him (well his family) decently well. To say that we’re proud of him is the understatement of the century. The whole town is going insane and he totally deserves it. Not only is he a really, really nice person but he totally exemplifies the kind of athlete everyone should aspire to be. He’s a workhorse, a great role model and has persevered for a long time to get where he is. I mean, he wasn’t even recruited out of high school.

Watching Aaron today got me thinking about my own athletic progress. Now, wanting to achieve my own goals isn’t even 1/100th of playing in the Super Bowl but while I was watching him get that MVP trophy I wondered if people realized how much time he spent in the weight room when his friends were off having fun. Or the trips he didn’t take, the parties he didn’t go to and the dissapointment he faced when his draft status dropped, he played behind Favre, wasn’t recruited, etc. But you know what he did? Kept playing. Kept believing, working hard and having patience with himself. And you know what happened? He won the super bowl. I’d like to say I knew all along he’d do this but to be  honest when he’d talk about future football success when we were younger we kind of rolled our eyes. I mean, we’re from CHICO… kids from Chico don’t go to the Super Bowl.

Anyway it was inspiring and reminded me that I just need to keep plugging away at my goals. I may not win a Super Bowl but I might win my age group 🙂

One response to “I Choose Running.

  1. i love the title of this post. totally making me smile 🙂

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